Credits and Acknowledgement

We aim to create the best experience possible for our users. In order to achieve such a tremendously hard goal, we must use a variety of resources available to us.  While our intention is to give credits and offer acknowledgements in the relevant pages; it is sometimes impossible to do so due to practical reasons.

It has an utmost importance for those of us in munCLUB to respect peoples hard work.  To fulfill that ideal; we will regularly update this page of Credits and Acknowledgement; with the list of authors, artists and content creators – of which we use their work of. Where possible; a link will be provided to the page that we have used the content in. We will also offer a link back to their web page, in addition to linking their portfolio. Such sites may include, but are not limited to; Wordpress, Iconfinder, Behance, Pixalbay, Pexels and Linkedin.

Most of the outside content we use on our website, have licenses that allow us to use it in a commercial purpose. Some of those licenses may require us to provide a link back to the original author or/and to a website. Regardless however; it is our policy to offer a link back to all the individuals that created the content, in part, we use. This is not only to show our appreciation to the authors, but also to be transparent.

Please remember that our online courses are free of charge and for educational purposes only. We will do our utmost to work with you, the copyright holder. That said; we humbly request you to respect the Fair Use exemptions provided within law – and understand that the online courses aims to offer free material to those individuals who are interested in Model United Nations, debate and public speaking.

Please reach to us via the CONTACT page if you have any issues. We will work closely with you in order to address such points of concern.




Theme (WordPress)
Quema Labs (Website)

Photograph (Homepage)
David Marcu (Website)

Icons (Services)
Created by Salinee Pimpakun. (Iconfinder) (Behance)

Photograph (Credits)
Wokingham Libraries (Pixalbay)


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